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"You are a champion of champions, genetically speaking, because you are the product of an inconceivably complex web of ancestors, spiraling back for billions of years into the primordial ooze, not a single individual of which ever failed to grow to maturity and beget viable offspring while most other creatures around them, including many of their brothers, sisters, and cousins, faded away and the majority eventually disappeared forever into extinction. If your ancestors hadn’t been such top performers that they were 100 percent successful in procreation, your ancestral lines of descent would be broken and you could not exist."
-Guy Murchie, “The Seven Mysteries of Life”

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Women of the Bauhaus and their textiles

Anni Albers, Gunta Stölzl, Otti Berger, Benita Otte

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Sarah Ferrick

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reclaimed tiles from pradena and cordoba

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